Most beautiful blog ever

Part of the reason I did so well in anatomy was because I developed a deep love for the human body and the beauty of it’s construction. It goes along with the whole “nerd” persona. I stumbled across a new blog the other day, and it is a sort of anatomy “nerdvana.”

Street Anatomy features all sorts of beautiful uses of anatomy in medicine, art, and design. I particularly enjoy their “Anatomic Fashion Friday” feature. I like it so much, I made some last minute additions to my christmas list. The site also features beautiful art work. Some of it I’m actually going to buy prints of. Some of it will just grace my desktop as wallpaper. So please, click, enjoy, geek out.

_Sidebar: _I’m not the only one who enjoy this stuff. After I shared it with my friend Dani, she posted it on her blog. And she’s cool. So neener-neener.

I found this series featured on the blog particularly gorgeous. It fuses two of my favourite things: anatomy and technical drawing/sketching.

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