A few years ago I became a CPR instructor for no real reason other than I wanted to. My very first CPR class had a half dozen students from the theatre department where I was doing my undergrad.

Fast forward a few years.

I get a text from one of the students in that class.

“Thank you for teaching me about CPR and choking. I just saved my 6 month old’s life.”

It stopped me dead in my tracks. Whatever it cost, however much time it took, however annoying the AHA is to deal with it, it was all worth it in that one moment.

Although I’m working an extra long graveyard shift tonight, I’m really looking forward to teaching CPR to a bunch of Scout leaders tomorrow who approached me because they wanted to be better prepared.

Mat Goebel
Research Fellow

My research interests include EMS, EKG, STEMI, cybersecurity, data viz, ML, and NLP.