UVU Magazine

I was recently in UVU magazine article featuring graduates from the paramedic program who have gone on to pursue careers in medicine.


I’ve been active in UCSD SOM’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group’s leadership since I was an MS1. For the 2017-18 year I’ve been acting as the president – coordinating all the mentoring, events, and communication. Like us on facebook!

Youtube Lectures

    I’ve posted lectures on youtube from conferences I’ve spoken at the last several years.  

New Textbook

The newest edition of Critical Care Transport has been published. I had the pleasure of reviewing several chapters of this textbook.

Unexpectedly in the Spotlight

I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with the EM:RAP crew, helping with their monthly live broadcasts. At the last show, they had a segment on DeWinter T-waves where Stuart Swadron was using an article I wrote as part of his presentation! I ended getting interviewed and answering some EKG questions. Check out the segment here, the publication here, and the FOAM content at LITFL.  

Annals of Emergency Medicine Podcast

If you aren’t listening to the Annals of Emergency Medicine Audio Summary – you should be. I’ve been privileged to be part of the team since January. Subscribe! http://www.annemergmed.com/content/podcast My bio on the Annals website: http://www.annemergmed.com/content/goebelbio


A few years ago I became a CPR instructor for no real reason other than I wanted to. My very first CPR class had a half dozen students from the theatre department where I was doing my undergrad. Fast forward a few years. I get a text from one of the students in that class. “Thank you for teaching me about CPR and choking. I just saved my 6 month old’s life.

Girl, interrupted

I have spent literally hundred of hours with cadavers – either as a students in the anatomy lab or dissecting them for those students. I’m comfortable with cadavers. Really, they don’t bother me. But this week working in the ED I had an experience that unexpectedly shook me. It was a fairly busy night like any other; I was working as the EKG tech – running from room to room getting 12-Leads on the usual mix of chest paineurs and overdoses.

ETOH and Hospital Interpreters

In EMS and the ED many situations involve “2 beers.” Similarly, in the outpatient clinic when you have a patient that doesn’t speak English, they will bring a family member to interpret. That family member will, however, have 2 kids. They will cry. They will touch things they shouldn’t. Why do such things come in pairs? The world may never know.

Sumdood’s Sister — “That Lady”

Sometimes it sucks to fly, especially with “that lady.” Maybe she’s realted to sumdood. Here is an open letter to, “that lady:” Dear “that lady,” I kow you need to get places, because you seem to be on every flight I ever take. It’s odd, because you never look the same. Must be expensive to change your appearance so radically that often. Let me offer some friendly advice to make your next flight more enjoyable – mostly for me, because I know you’re blisfully unaware of the effects your behaviour has on others.