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DIY Headset Appendix: Plantronics m130

Special thanks to Chris Leffel for bravely pioneering this variation of the project and providing this documentation.

The main component of the project is the Plantronics m130 Headst. Read the instructions on the main page carefully before reading what the differences are for this particular headset.

Cut the headset cable before the connector and peel back the insulation to find four wires: white, red, blue, and bare. The blue and red do not have insulation, but a dab of solder on the end of each will bring continuity to the tips where it is needed. For this particular headset white is mic hot (tip of original connector), bare is mic neg. (sleeve), blue is earpiece hot (ring), and red is headphone neg. (sleeve).

The headphone connector pinout and powering circuit are the same as on the main page. Earpiece to pin 3/4, Mic to pin 1/2. The most important difference for this particular headset is to add a 100 ohm resistor across pins 1 and 2.